intro1shitoryu-logo-tinyShitoryu Karatedo was first introduced in Hong Kong in 1968. In 1973, a dojo under the instruction of Mr. Tin-chi Ng, was established in Homantin Government Secondary School. The Former President of Hong Kong Shitoryu Karatedo Association (HKSKA), Mr. Hin-wai Hung, was one of the many first batch members of the dojo. Until 1975, the membership size of the Association had gradually grown; senior members including Sensei Patrick P. W. Leung, Sensei Sunny K. T. Wong and Sensei Pak-ki Leung also joined HKSKA in the same year. In the years after, the address of the dojo had undergone several changes, namely Jockey Club Governmental Technical School, Independent Commission Against Corruption and Kwun Tong Government Secondary Technical School. Today, we have expanded to eight major dojos for different age groups to practise Shitoryu Karatedo: Hung Hom Youth SPOT, Ma On Shan Sports Centre, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Lam Tin South Sports Centre, Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre, Shek Kip Mei Community Hall, Lei Yue Mun Sports Centre and Wan Chai Harbour Road Sports Centre.

Over the years, the membership size of the Association has grown substantially. With a view to further strengthening internal administration and external communication, in 1992, the Association was officially registered in Hong Kong under the Societies Ordinance as “Hong Kong Shitoryu Karatedo Association”. This also marked the beginning of the Association as a recognized organization of the World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation (WSKF) and the Asia Pacific Shitoryu Karatedo Federation (APSKF). In August 1992, the HKSKA, together with the Hong Kong Shitoryu Karatedo Lin Kai, which is organized under the leadership of Mr. Lin-ping Chang, jointly formed the “Hong Kong Shitoryu Karatedo Union”. This is the sole official organization acknowledged by WSKF and APSKF for all external affairs in connection with Shitoryu Karatedo in Hong Kong.

All the dojos under HKSKA are conducted by experienced instructors who are qualified karatedo coaches recognized by Hong Kong Sports Development Board. Regular grading examinations are conducted for students. After passing the examinations, students will be granted with certificates of examination. As for senior students passing their Black-belt examinations, they will be granted with certificates issued by the WSKF – certificates officially acknowledged by all authoritative Karatedo organizations around the World. Apart from organizing grading examinations, HKSKA also conducts tournaments, technical seminars, referee seminars, kata workshops and training camps from time to time. The ultimate goal is to impart a more comprehensive face of Shitoryu Karatedo – both spiritually and technically.