:: Karatedo Proverbs in Japanese (2) :: 21/04/2008

4. 「果道」
“Road of Eternity” – Karatedo training is a long and enduring process. It proceeds in stages; step by step and inch by inch, we complete the entire process, which can be repeated and taken to the next level upon each completion. Thus, it is a never-ending circular process; even one may think he/she has already obtained what is supposed to be learnt, one should discard the thought that the training has reached the end, but instead, should re-engage in the training in order to take to the next level.

5. 「初心生涯」
“In the Spirit of a Beginner” – When first embarking on a new undertaking, with a humble and eager heart, we would often give our greatest effort in order to achieve the best result. However, arrogance would overshadow humbleness as time goes by, or after we taste the first fruit of success. It is imperative we always alert ourselves on the importance of being humble, just as we first started.

6. 「壁破」
“Taking Down the Wall of Limit” – We are bound to encounter hurdles along the path of learning new karatedo techniques. Only if we can overcome these hurdles that we would find ourselves embraced by new vision. With each hurdle down, comes along elevating enlightenment in both spiritual and technical developments. Without the awareness of these hurdles, we would not be able to tell if we are progressing or regressing. Thus, we should always be guarded by an acute conscientiousness in this self-governing process, and keep putting in great effort in karatedo training.