:: Important Points in Performing a Kata :: 16/04/2008

1. Correct basic techniques (Kihon).
2. Upright body and neck postures.
3. Fully understand correct meaning of the Kata (Bunkai).
4. Real fighting spirit and facial expression.
5. Beautiful paths and postures of techniques.
6. Firm and solid endings of techniques.
7. Lowered and stable stances.
8. High efficient stance movements.
9. Good balance.
10. Eyesight to be coordinated with techniques.
11. Do not look or glance obliquely or sidewise.
12. Power to be generated from well-coordinated body movement.
13. Breathing with the diaphragm.
14. Techniques and power generation to be coordinated with breathing.
15. Apply “short inhale short exhale” breathing technique in general.
16. Slow motions to be integrated with speedy and slow movements.
17. Slow motions to be performed smoothly and with internal strength.
18. Big contrast but still natural rhythm presentation.
19. Speciality in combination techniques.
20. Correct stance moving direction (Enbusen).
21. Loud, strong and monotone shouting (Kiai).
22. Do not have excessive or unnecessary body movement.