:: Karatedo Proverbs in Japanese (1) :: 11/04/2008

1. 「修業千日,勝負一瞬」
“Training for a Thousand Days for Victory in a Split Second” – Training is a long and grueling process; we train for a thousand days, for ten thousand days, with only one goal in mind: to be the winner of the game. Generation of power resulted from years of training is to be summoned in just one split second; and whether you can generate the full capacity in an instant determines if you win, or lose. After years and years of training, our spirit, skills and bodies would gradually move as one entity; and this would generate an enormous source of power in an instant; how effective you adopt this source of power in a game determines the result of the game. In order to achieve victory in an instant, it’s imperative we have to engage ourselves in long repetitive training.

2. 「牛步千里」
“Advancing a Thousand Miles in Steady Cow-walk” – All cows are slow walkers though, they never get tired of each step they make; they keep advancing and after a thousand miles they make, they all reach their destinations. The same can apply to karatedo training: training karatedo is a long and never-ending process. Yet, only if you are willing to put ever-mounting effort in training that you can be assured there is one day you would reach your destination.

3. 「君子拳」
“Fist of a Gentleman” – Apart from accumulation of knowledge and skills, the adhesion and upholding to high moral principles and integrity are the prerequisites for being a gentleman. By engaging ourselves in the serious business of karatedo training, we would also be enlightened in other domains of knowledge, and this essentially provides us a perfect platform to further develop ourselves into gentlemen with high moral principles and noble characters.