:: Release of an instant explosive power :: 06/04/2008

During a Kata performance or a Kumite combat, in order to achieve the fullest extent of power and speed of any moves, it is imperative to release your power in an instant – an explosion of power. To apply this skill, we should first relax our muscles and joints; this enables the maximization of flexibility required for free and swift moves. Coordination from joint to joint is also vital as it provides the necessary condition for the generation of an ultimate force which is resulted from cohesions of moves from all concerned body parts. With all these together, the maximum power will be achieved by the maximum momentum (mass x velocity). When we advance our bodies and then our strikes come into contact with our targets, all happens in a split second. And in that exact instant, our different body parts are to bear shock resulted from that very contact.

In Kumite combat, upon completion of the strike, we usually pull back our advanced bodies and get ready for the next move. To achieve speedy pull-back, the relaxed joints should hold a certain extent of flexibility to allow for swift pull-back. However, in Kata performance, we might do it differently: rather than pulling back, we are to hold our bodies in the resulting stance after an action; the relaxed joints are to firm up instantly so that the action will freeze immediately.

Ample amount of muscle energy is the prerequisite for rigorous explosion of power. And for this, we have to undergo constant vigorous physical training. Along with explosion of physical power, we should also release invincible will power (determination); the subsequent power resulted is beyond imagination.