:: Competent Karatedo Instructors :: 05/03/2008

Good Karatedo instructors shall always think in the best interest of students and show care to them. With love and patience, they render their teaching to a large audience while bearing in mind students’ individual needs and potentials. Planting in the hearts of students’ the seeds of thirst for high standards of accomplishment is one of the necessary goals of all good Karatedo instructors. Students should also be nurtured to understand the importance of mutual help and support among fellow team members. Good Karatedo instructors will exhaust every possible means to improve students’ physical and psychological developments so as to ensure the authentic art, the true spirit and skills of Karatedo will be passed on to students.

Good Karatedo instructors should be role models to their students. They are strictly self-disciplined and constantly endeavour to strive for excellence as professional teachers. To do so, they should update themselves with new teaching knowledge, techniques and new development in the world of Karatedo. They shall work hard to uphold the honour, dignity and ethics of being a member of the instructor profession.