:: Discipline of Practicing Karatedo :: 29/02/2008

These days, the number of Karatedo participants taking the art as a recreational activity far outweighs those taking the art as a serious training of discipline. Reasons being: in Hong Kong, leisurely activities are abundant; as Karatedo students may have taken up a few activities for their leisure at the same time, they would not be putting sufficient time in the serious training of Karatedo. Also, apart from requiring time and effort, serious training of Karatedo also calls for a sense of mission on the part of practitioners – the belief that by enduring the hardship of training, enlightenment of true Karatedo spirits will be bestowed. Only by reaching this level that one would truly appreciate the great benefits of Karatedo in strengthening physical health, personal integrity and virtue. Being blessed by these benefits, it is only natural that you would want to share them with your fellow practitioners, and finally pass them on to the next generation. Therefore, only through discipline of practicing Karatedo, the true value of Karatedo would get passed on from generation to generation.

Are you practicing Karatedo for leisure or for discipline?