:: Transformation of Techniques :: 30/11/2002

In the practice of karatedo, we will do some supplementary exercises, such as physical exercise and bag-hitting exercise. A supplementary exercise will improve a karatedo technique only when it has gone through a proper transformation. Therefore “transformation of techniques” is very important in karatedo training.

“Transformation of techniques” is a way to transform one fundamental skill to a more advanced karatedo technique (target technique). With the aid of supplementary exercises, the various components of the target technique will be improved. In the practice of karatedo, there are some criteria for making an effective “transformation of techniques”:

1. Supplementary exercises should be simple and easy to practise.
2. Supplementary exercises and target technique should be similar in terms of body motion and application of power.
3. Practise supplementary exercises and target technique alternately and repeatedly.
4. Make some imagination of performing the target technique in the practice of supplementary exercises.

For example, if we want to improve the speed, power and effectiveness of punching in free sparring, we can do push-up and punching bag as supplementary exercises. In the push-up exercise, it should be carried out in high speed with a view to building up high-spin muscle fibers and hence improving the punching speed. While in the punching bag exercise, it should be carried out with proper footwork, and also the bag could be moving around; it will not only make the punching stronger, but also improve the balance of body and the sense of distance in moving attacks.