:: Yakusoku Kumite :: 28/02/2003

“Kumite” means sparring. “Yakusoku Kumite” is a control sparring exercise with two (or more) persons together. The offensive side follows a pre-determined way to attack, while the defensive side also follows a pre-determined way to defend. “Yakusoku Kumite” is a training for karatedo practitioners, who have learnt “Kihon” (basic technique), to learn how to do sparring in a proper manner and with appropriate techniques. In the practice of “Yakusoku Kumite”, practitioners do not only need to execute what they have learnt in “Kihon” training, such as, good posture, stable stance, coordinated waist twisting, explosive power, sharp eyesight, and high spiritual force, but also practise with correct distance and right timing. “Correct distance” and “right timing” are two key factors to a good performing free sparring. After the practitioners have gained certain experience in sparring, they have to learn how to make use of strategy, psychological skills and variation of techniques, in advanced sparring.

“Yakusoku Kumite” could be regarded as a kind of art created by the two opposing sides. The aim of practicing “Yakusoku Kumite” is not to win, but to strive for coordination between the offensive side and the defensive side, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of the training. In doing so, the offensive side has to diligently control the attacking speed, power and hitting position, while the defensive side needs to react properly, and execute correct defensive technique with right timing. When the offensive technique and the defensive technique are properly coordinated, “Yakusoku Kumite” will look the same as “Jyu Kumite” (free sparring).