:: “Kiai” :: 30/04/2003

“Kiai” is the shout that we make at the time when we breathe out and exert power in a sparring action. Kiai will help beginners to practice the principle of breathing application: “inhaling when reserving energy, exhaling when discharging energy”. They simply apply the basic principle of “breathe out when shouting” to strengthen their habit of breathing out when delivering a powerful attack. After practicing for a long time, Kiai will help improving the attacking power and also the spiritual energy.

Before we do Kiai, our intake of air should be directed down to our Dan-tians at our lower abdomens. Then we push our diaphragms downward and exhale the air. When the air passes through our throats, we shout at the same time and perform a loud and sharp Kiai. When we do Kiai with attacking techniques, we also need to look at our opponents with very sharp eyesight. A good Kiai is not just raising our voices and shouting. Karatedo practitioners have to keep practising Kiai with due attention until they can work out the kinks of it.