The Ten Commandments of Karatedo

Karatedo is a powerful martial art that could cause great damage to opponents. Therefore, in embarking on the journey of practicing Karatedo, apart from questing for perfection of physical techniques, more importantly, we should strive for perfection of conduct and behaviour. Only through parallel-development of both the spirit and the technique that we could make ourselves useful to our society. Surely, this parallel-development could never be achieved easily. The following commandments should always be borne in mind:

1. Be strict to self-disciplines; withstand all challenges and hardships; in perseverance we practise Karatedo.
2. Always endeavor to perform still better and strive for new heights in practising Karatedo.
3. Be humble and respectful to your Senseis; bear in mind lessons taught.
4. Be respectful to martial arts of different forms and different schools, as we respect different races and different cultures.karate rule
5. Be discreet and prudent in your words and conduct; self-conceit and vanity are forbidden.
6. Be tranquil and peaceful in mind; brute courage, foul temper and subjugation are strictly prohibited.
7. Be tolerant and humble to other people.
8. Be helpful to others; bring the development of Karatedo virtues to greater heights.
9. Distinguish right from wrong and uphold justice.
10. With impartiality and righteousness in our hearts, sow the seeds of Karatedo spirit and techniques to our coming generations and the rest of the world.