:: Power (1) :: 04/12/2003

A good application of karatedo technique should be executed with vigorous power. Power is generated from momentum which composes of two major components: mass and velocity. Mass is not only refer to our legs or arms, it is the total mass of our body parts that could move concurrently and effectively in the execution of the technique. Therefore, when we execute a karatedo technique, we also need to do some footwork, move our bodies and twist our waists in order to generate greater body mass. On the other hand, the higher the velocity, the greater the momentum, and hence the power. In the execution of technique, the velocity could be increased by suitably coordinate the movements of the moving parts of our bodies. Besides, keeping our muscles relaxed could speed up the movement of our joints; thus help increasing the moving velocity.

Vigorous power is very important in sparring. Therefore in kumite competitions, “Vigorous Application” is one of the six important criteria for scoring.

In summary, vigorous power is the result of synchronizing the movements of our entire bodies.