:: Lesson from Toshiyuki Imanishi Sensei :: 28/12/2003

Karatedo is a lifelong affair; when we have the mind to strive for improvement in the practice of karatedo, all difficulties could be overcome.

We have to practise karatedo everyday; don’t bother about the suitability of the venue, the dress code, the length of practice or the content. Only if we could keep on with our daily training, we could be able to enjoy the merits of it.

In performing katas, our minds have to act like “overcoming very strong enemies encountered in the plays”. Don’t breathe hardly with great noise; breathing should be calm and coordinate with the techniques being executed. All techniques and movements should be fine toned for good looking.

In kumites, instead of just stepping back and defending, try to apply the “Zen-No-Zen” and “Go-No-Zen” techniques. In case of failure, find out the reason, improve our technique, and do better with unbeatable mind next time.

Referees and judges should practise more to develop correct judging skill. Referees should give commands in a loud and confident voice, as it will create an atmosphere of high quality competition and enable the competitors and judges to pay their high respects to the competition. The commands, signals and postures of the referees should be clear, correct, sharp and good looking.

From kata performance of a karatedo instructor, at a certain degree, one can realize the standards of techniques and morals set for his/her students.