:: Forget Troubles, Enjoy Karatedo :: 23/03/2004

Human beings are various and no one is perfect. Someone has said “we cannot control the others, but we can control ourselves”. What we, the ones who are very devoted to karatedo, can do is to put our best effort to promote karatedo, not for own benefit, not for own reputation, not to please any others, and not to harm any others; just to achieve the ultimate goal – let as many people as possible to practise karatedo and enjoy the benefits brought by it.

Problems often arise but they are not unusual in any histories. Sometimes, problems will be resolved themselves or resolved easily when the right moment comes. Now, let’s enjoy the present moment since we have the common goal in karatedo and we are working shoulder to shoulder to achieve it.

~~ Extracted from Sensei Patrick Leung’s email of 13th March 2004 addressed to Sensei Wong Tuang Seng of Singapore (Original English) ~~