:: Power (3) :: 04/05/2004

The importance of sufficient supporting strength from attacker was discussed before. Now let’s investigate the effect of movement of receiver on powerful attack.

The movement of the attack-receiver at the moment of being hit will affect the damaging power of an attack. In sparring, both parties will be moving around and changing their positions. At the moment of attack, the attacking power will be reduced if the attack-receiver is moving away from it, and vice versa. It is the result of change of relative velocity between the attack and the receiver. For example, when the receiver is moving away from a straight punch, the relative velocity of the punch to the receiver will be decreased, hence the punching power will be decreased. Oppositely, when the receiver is moving towards the punch, the relative velocity and hence the power will be increased. Different timing of attack will have different effect on its damaging power. It is very important for the attacker to seize good timing to generate good damaging power. Therefore, “Good Timing” is one of the six important criteria for scoring in kumite competitions.

In summary, the movement of the attack-receiver at the moment of being hit is important to powerful attack, and damaging power can only be developed under a certain level of relative velocity to the receiver.