:: Don’t Take It For Granted :: 05/08/2004

One day, a student who had stopped training visited Sensei at the dojo. Though he was eager to come back for training, he had been sick for a while and thus, was unable to resume training. It would take him a few years before he can join the training again. It was his fear that by the time he recovers and comes back for training again, Sensei might not be teaching anymore. He also expressed regret that while he was still healthy, he had not made good use of the opportunity to practise karatedo diligently.

Today, students enjoy the privilege brought about by the hard work of Senseis: a well-established organization, comprehensive development plans, well-designed systems, well-facilitated dojos, fruitful training classes, plentiful supplies of training equipments, inexpensive and abundant learning opportunities, dedicated Senseis, karate brotherhood, and etc. All these elements are solid columns of an ever-growing, strong and self-sufficient karate family. As a matter of fact, it is a privilege to be a member of the fraternity. Thus, we should always treasure what we have now, and should never take it for granted.