:: The Basic Responsibility of Athletes :: 28/10/2004

People do exercise for different reasons: some do it for the sake of good health and good spirit; while for athletes, they have one goal in common – to take part in competitions or tests, aiming to get the best result through hard / arduous training; in time, with experience gained, they would achieve good results in their overall performance.

Since athletes need to give their best performance in competitions or tests, they have to keep their physical and spiritual conditions at optimum level at all time. Hence, as part of their basic responsibilities, athletes should try their best not to get hurt or sick, as this would hinder their performance, undermine their confidence, weaken their strength, or more seriously, lead to detrimental consequences in their performance, even for world-class athletes.

Thus, responsible athletes have to try their best not to engage in excessive training that would lead to injuries; on the other hand, they should keep themselves to strict healthy diet / eating habit, have sufficient rest and sleep. These will help build up and maintain their physical and spiritual conditions; thus enable them to give their best performance in any occasions.