:: Good Basics are the Key to Good Kata Performance :: 01/03/2005

Kata is composed of different basics which are performed with sets of prescribed notions, inhale/exhale patterns, rhythms, styles and spirits. The mere acquisition of steps consisted in kata does not necessarily render good kata performance. Outstanding kata performance captures the hearts of audience by radiating the beauty of the kata, and it impresses even the karatedo professionals. Good kata performance shall contain, at least, the following fundamental elements:

Good Basics are the Key to Good Kata Performance

1. Techniques are performed with perfect movements and postures;

2. Stances are firm and stable when shifting body weight, and in every turn or standing position; and

3. Strength and power are delivered from synchronization of body movements and accorded with correct breathing.

Students are always reminded of these fundamentals in learning basics, and good basics are the key to karatedo training; without the support of sound basics, it is difficult to go beyond to a higher level in kata performance, and it is impossible to project the vigor, power and spirit of the kata in a vivid way.

Therefore, good basics are the key to good kata performance.