:: Elbow Position in “Seiken” :: 17/08/2005

When applying “Seiken”, it is important that you keep your elbow down to ensure execution of powerful punching. To begin, we put our fist next to our waist. While bringing our fist forward to a target, we should keep the forearm close to our waist; palm facing up until the elbow reaches our waist. At this point, we start turning our fist inward until the correct “Seiken” posture is formed and our arm extended. When you reach the target in “Seiken”, make sure the elbow is facing down as far as possible, as it will help build up a much firmer and stronger arm structure for punching. On the contrary, if the elbow is facing outward, the path of punching will fall into a curve line, and thus the punching speed and force will be diminished. Moreover, the attacking power will be weakened when hitting the opponent in a curve.