:: Feigning or Exaggerating Injury :: 30/10/2005

In Kumite competitions, it’s very often some competitors feign or exaggerate injuries. This is not only contravening rules of competition, but also damaging reputation of Karatedo. Feigning or exaggerating injuries is a deceptive way of getting advantage of the game; those who deceive are no athletes but thieves; the championship they obtain is just stolen property. Even these thieves can deceive some referees, they could never escape the just condemnation of their own conscience. To be a righteous athlete, we should never feign or exaggerate injuries.

While arduously training for a coming competition, a true athlete should also bear in mind the importance of sportsmanship – the right attitude, manner and decency a true sportsman should carry in any competition. They should abide by the rules of competition. When they fail in a game, they should have the courage to accept the failure, and accept it in style. They should have the wit to accept the fact that there can only be one champion in any competition. Further, they should have the wisdom to understand that those who stand up again after failures are true, great athletes.

Are you a “True Great Athlete”?