Practice Rules

Apart from being a venue for practising Karatedo techniques, a dojo is also an important training base for fostering wholesome integrity and virtue. The following are some rules that should be followed in our training:

  1. Respect and obey your instructors.
  2. Be friendly and helpful to your counterparts.
  3. Greet your instructors and counterparts with correct manner.
  4. Keep your appearance and uniforms clean and tidy; approved mitts and protectors should be brought to dojo for training.
  5. Accessories are prohibited; keep your fingernails short and clean; long hair should be tied up.
  6. Be punctual for classes; absence from class should be supported by sound reasons.
  7. Notify your instructors when you feel sick or get hurt.
  8. Bow to the dojo before entering and leaving dojo.
  9. Observe and practise the “Rei” ceremony before and after training.
  10. Be serious and give your best effort in training.
  11. Say “Osu” in response to instructor’s instructions to express your willingness of doing the best.
  12. Never leave the dojo without permission of your instructors.
  13. Sitting should either be in kneeling position or bending legs across in front.
  14. Always keep dojo clean.
  15. No eating, no drinking of alcohol and no smoking in the dojo.
  16. No mobile phone in the dojo; turn off ring tone of your mobile phone.
  17. No foul language in the dojo.
  18. No martial art technique other than Shitoryu Karatedo in the dojo.
  19. Brute courage and retaliation are strictly prohibited.
  20. Private combat and deliberate injury caused to opponent are strictly forbidden.