Sensei Sunny K. T. WONG

sifu-wongkatungFollowing his elder brother’s step, Sensei Sunny Wong started learning Shitoryu Karatedo in 1975. Since 1980, he was the instructor of the dojo at Kwun Tong GovernmentSecondary Technical School. In the same period, he was also the instructor of another two dojos: the Independent Commission Against Corruption Karatedo Dojo and the Hong Kong Girl Guides Karatedo Dojo. In 1985, Sensei Wong started a Karatedo class at the Youth Centre of Hung Hum Youth Association – a place where many black-belt holders were nurtured.

Sensei Wong has competed extensively across the territory and throughout the world, and has been a beneficiary of these experiences. He was the consecutive champion in the event of kata in the 1985, 1986 and 1987 Hong Kong Karatedo National Tournaments. Not only that, he was also the champion in both kata and kumite in the 1989 and 1990 Hong Kong Karatedo National Tournaments. In 1991, as the captain of Hong Kong Shitoryu Karatedo team, the team won the championship in the event of team kumite of the 1st Hong Kong Karatedo Team Championships. Last but not least, in 1993, he was the winner of the kumite event in the Asian Karatedo Invitation Championships. Not surprisingly, he earned himself an outstanding record in the history of Hong Kong Karatedo.

In 2000, Tokyo, Sensei Wong was awarded Black Belt 5th Dan by the World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation. Afterward in 2004, he was awarded Black Belt 6th Dan by the World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation. As a qualified Karatedo coach recognized by the Hong Kong Sports Development Board and a veteran in Karatedo refereeing, Sensei Wong has always been a dedicated instructor in fostering students in the practice of Shitoryu Karatedo. It is his hope that through these trainings, students would be healthy and strong in terms of their physiques and spirits. In this way, the much treasured tradition of Shitoryu Karatedo will be passed on from generation to generation.