Yauhan Karate Sponsorship Scheme


  1. Yauhan Karate Sponsorship Scheme was founded in April, 1997 by a group of Karatedo enthusiasts who are devoted to the promotion of Karatedo.
  2. The objectives of Yauhan Karate Sponsorship Scheme include the following:
    1. To sponsor activities conducted by non-profit-making Karatedo organizations;
    2. To sponsor underprivileged practitioners in their Karatedo activities;
    3. To sponsor practitioners with outstanding performances in their overseas Karatedo tournaments and seminars;
    4. To sponsor volunteer-instructors in their overseas Karatedo seminars and examinations;
    5. To sponsor other Karatedo development activities.
  3. Since the establishment of Yauhan Karate Sponsorship Scheme, it has successfully sponsored over three hundred students in participating various local and overseas Karatedo activities.
  4. Your support and financial aids to Yauhan Karate Sponsorship Scheme is always welcomed and treasured.